Talk to your baby in your own language

The best way to help your child learn to talk is to talk to him as much as possible in your own language – it doesn’t have to be English. That way, your child will learn to talk confidently, and will be ready to learn English when he starts at nursery or school.

• Talk to your baby in your own language about what you’re doing together – when you’re bathing or feeding your baby, or changing her nappy.

• Have fun with rhymes, poems and songs in your own language.

• Tell your child stories in your language.

• Encourage him to join in with the storytelling.

• Try to find books written in your language for your child, or try making your own.

• Encourage your child to play with children who speak the same language as she does.

• Don’t laugh or tease your child because of his accent or if he makes mistakes.

• Talk to your child about what she did at playgroup or nursery in your language. If she uses English words repeat what she said using your language. But do not correct her or make her use your language.

• Help your child feel proud of your language. If he speaks more than one language, teach him the names of the languages.



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