Sharing songs and rhymes

Babies love songs and rhymes, especially hearing the sound of your voice. And they’re a great way to help your child’s talking and listening skills.

• Your voice is your baby’s favourite music so sing to her, even if you don’t think you sound great. Your baby won’t judge you.

• Turn off the TV or radio so your child can hear your voice.

• You don’t have to sing ‘baby’ songs – it can be the latest chart music. If you like the song, your baby will enjoy it too.

• Don’t worry if you don’t know any nursery rhymes. Sing the songs you do know and visit the library to borrow rhyming books or tapes. You'll also find some popular nursery rhymes on our Songs and Rhymes page

• Look at your baby as you sing or chant and see how he reacts to different parts of the rhyme. Can you see his fingers wriggle?

• When your baby is tired or upset try singing a favourite song, slowly and quietly, to comfort her.

• Young children learn best through play, so make songs and rhymes fun. Change the sound of your voice, make up some actions or add your child’s name or the names of family and friends.

• When your baby or toddler joins in, show that you’ve noticed by giving lots of encouragement.

• Even if your toddler is just beginning to talk, listen to his reaction to the song or rhyme. 

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