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You’re a Bad Man, Mr Gum

Stanton, A

Roald Dahl fans will love this hilarious tale of mean, miserable old Mr. Gum, and the bath-dwelling fairy that hits him with a frying pan whenever his garden starts to look messy.

ISBN: 9781405223102


Age: 7 to 11


Bradman, T

Can a Celtic boy save his tribe by assassinating the Emperor Hadrian - or will the building of a wall save them both? Vivid adventure for less confident readers.

ISBN: 9781842999790


Age: 7 to 11

Captain Underpants and the Preposterous Plight of the Purple Potty People

Pilkey, Dav

Comic fans will enjoy this series of chapter books featuring an unlikely superhero. A page-turning plot and special features such as Flip-o-Rama help keep attention of less keen readers.

ISBN: 9781407103600


Age: 7 to 11


Frank Cottrell Boyce

The entertaining story of an unpopular boy called George whose life is transformed when his Grandad gives him an old bottle of aftershave for his birthday.

ISBN: 9781781124246


Age: 7 to 11

Eyewitness: Sharks

McQuitty, M

Learn about the fascinating underwater lives of sharks in this guide, one of an excellent non-fiction series that combine photography and diagrams.

ISBN: 9781405329248


Age: 7 to 11

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