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Mammoth Academy

Layton N

A gently humourous book with quirky illustrations tells the story of lovable mammoth siblings Oscar and Arabella’s first day at The Mammoth Academy.

ISBN: 9780340930298


Age: 5 to 7

My Haunted House

Sage, A

Araminta Spook is just like any girl that likes werewolves and vampires. She’d love to see a ghost, and living in Spook House there is a fair chance she will!


Age: 5 to 7

The Jumble Book

Stevens, R (Editor)

This new collection of poetry has been designed with dyslexic readers in mind. sixty wonderfully funny poems layout, font and paper colour designed

ISBN: 9780330468657


Age: 5 to 7

The Tale of Desperaux

Smith, M

A graphic novel adaptation of the 2009 film version of Kate di Camillo’s wonderful tale of the adventures of a brave and curious mouse.

ISBN: 9780763640750


Age: 5 to 7

I’m 8 and I’ve Laughed …

M Symons

Packed with amazing facts and terrific trivia about things that children have done when they are eight, from writing novels and symphonies to climbing mountains and recording hit pop-songs!

ISBN: 9780330517683


Age: 7 to 11

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