Milestones - By three years

Child colouring Children will be saying lots more words during this time – you will notice that they use new words and phrases almost daily.  Children will be asking endless questions to help them learn and find out about the world around them.  They are often keen to have conversations with adults they know well.

Taking part
Your child will enjoy watching other children play and occasionally joining in. She will recognise the names and pictures of most common objects and love looking at books. Let her hold the book and choose what she’s interested in to talk about. Your child will be able to make simple choices, e.g. “Do you want the cup or the spoon?”

Check it out Three year olds often enjoy the company of adults and of other children.
  • Does your three year old enjoy playing and talking with others?
  • Do they ask you to play with them and join in simple games with other children?
  • Do they play more complex make believe games, e.g. dressing up?
  • Can they recognise how other people feel and try to do something about it, e.g. “Ah Josie sad. She need a hug.”

Understanding of language
Your child will understand a lot more of what is being said now.  Children of this age understand phrases like “Put teddy in the bag and longer instructions, such as “get a biscuit and your cup”. They are beginning to understand “who”, “what” and “where” (but not “why”) questions. They enjoy simple stories with pictures.

Check it out
  • Can your three year old remember longer instructions and information?  Can your child understand questions using “what”, “who” and “where”? E.g. answer “Where is mummy ?”, “What did you see in the park?”
  • Does your child listen to, and remember, simple stories with pictures?

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