Milestones - By three months

Newborn baby and mum Understanding of language
Babies will react to your voice and you can soothe them by holding them gently, talking softly and singing to them. Singing helps babies to understand the rhythm of language. When you smile at your baby they can smile back, even when they are very young.
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Spend time talking and playing with your baby. This is a critical time for learning.

  • Does your baby sit still and listen to you?

Speech sounds
Copy your baby’s sounds, even if they sound like gurgles. It helps your baby practise and remember them.

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  • Does your baby make cooing noises when you talk with him?

Any concerns?
It is important to remember that all babies are different and your baby will develop in his own way. If you are concerned about your baby’s speech, language and communication contact your Health Visitor or Children’s Centre. They may suggest a hearing test or a visit to your GP.

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