Milestones - By six months

Teenage dad and baby As they develop, babies begin to watch the adults around them and start making noises. They are intensely keen to engage with adults and enjoy quiet times together when you talk, sing songs and look at books without noise in the background. It is good to listen and respond to your baby’s babbles and movements from this early stage, as this will let them know that what they say is important to you. It will really help them learn. Chat about your everyday routines and leave time for your baby to make sounds back.

Taking part
Your baby will enjoy smiling at familiar faces. Getting face to face with babies helps them learn to listen and respond. Play repetitive games so that your baby will learn what happens next. They will like moving with you and can make happy sounds and faces when you rock them, bounce them gently and clap their hands and feet together. Playing peek-a-boo and gentle tickling games are good fun.

Check it out Play with your baby, taking turns to ‘talk’. When your baby babbles copy her sounds and ‘have a chat’.
  • Does your baby laugh while playing?

  • Does your baby make sounds when people speak to them, almost as if they are talking back?

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