Milestones - By one year

Baby playing with mirror Understanding of language
Babies will react to your voice and understand your tone of voice.  They will stop and look when they hear their own name.  Babies of this age are starting to understand words like “up” and “bye bye”, especially when you do the action too.

Talk to your baby about everyday activities, like getting dressed, eating and bathing.

Check it out
  • Does your baby respond to things you say, e.g. you say “arms up” when you are taking off their top and the baby puts their arms up.
  • Does your baby look at you when you call his name?

Speech sounds
Your baby will play at making new sounds like “go-go”, “ba-ba” and “mmm” and babble strings of sounds to people and toys. Around twelve months babies begin to use single words, such as “mummum” and “dada”.

Check it out
  • Does your baby enjoy babbling?
  • Is your baby using gestures, such as waving and pointing, to help them communicate?

Any concerns?
It is important to remember that all babies are different and your baby will develop in her own way.  If you are concerned about your baby’s speech, language and communication   contact your Health Visitor or Children’s Centre. They may suggest a hearing test or seeing your GP.

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