Milestones - By one year

Baby playing with mirror Babies communicate in more ways now – making sounds and using gestures, such as waving and pointing, to help communicate.  They will be starting to understand routines, simple words and activities.

Taking part
Your baby will recognise familiar people and take ‘turns’ in conversations using babbles.  Sing songs and nursery rhymes - your baby will love those with actions.  Using short sentences and repeating words while you play together and do everyday things will help your baby learn new words.

Check it out Chat to your baby throughout the day sharing your activities and experiences – he will be a ready listener. He’ll really enjoy action rhymes so make time for these too. The actions will help your baby join in. Try ‘Round and round the garden’ and ‘Pat-a-cake’.
  • Does your baby enjoy sharing “chats” with you?

Attention and listening
Your baby will try to join in songs by ‘singing’ along. She will look at you when you call her name and make noises to get your attention. Babies love to look at books. Let him hold the book and look at what he’s interested in.

Check it out

Spend time with your baby playing and talking together.  Talk to your baby and leave time for her to answer back.

  • Does your baby make talking noises and join in the “conversation”? 
  • Does your baby try and get your attention? E.g. if she wants something she can’t reach, does she shout, point or make noises?

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