Fit and healthy literacy tips

Our top tips and ideas use keeping fit and healthy as a tool to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.

  • Be a role model – When it comes to both reading and exercising, make sure you lead by example. If a child sees you running round the park with the pram, or snuggled up with a good book, they are more likely to copy your healthy habits!

  • Act it out – Encourage your child to be active by recreating scenes from your favourite stories.

  • Track your steps – Many phones can keep a record of the number of steps you do in a day. When you’re out and about with your child, start a competition to see if you can beat the number of steps you did together the day before. Encourage them to write them down the number every day in a journal.

  • Choose books about your child’s favourite physical activity – Whether your little one is into football, ballet, swimming or gymnastics, there are plenty of stories out there about their favourite sporting hobbies. Read the stories together and chat to them about the specific language used for each sport, such as ‘pirouette’ for ballet or ‘breast stroke’ for swimming.

  • YouTube – There are plenty of video tutorials on YouTube that can show your children how to make some tasty meals. Watch them together and pause to take notes on ingredients and method.

  • Become a master chef – Once you and your child have found a healthy recipe you really like, encourage them to write it down in a personal recipe book. You could take pictures of your finished meals to remind yourselves for next time.

  • Host a healthy picnic – Get outside and hold a healthy picnic for your family and friend. Make sure you bring lots of healthy snacks such as carrot sticks, fruit kebabs, plenty of books to read in a new environment and games to keep them fit, such as a skipping rope.

  • Include health and reading into your bedtime routine – Make time for your children to have a bath, brush their teeth and reading a story together. Make it fun by adding songs to bath time or silly voices to story time.

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