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Get ready, steady, GO and enter our fit and healthy book giveaway! We’ve got titles covering everything from food, to sports, to inside the human body.

100 Things to Know About Food

By Sam Baer, Rachel Firth, Rose Hall, Alice James, Jerome Martin
This informative book is filled with 100 fascinating facts about food, from how to grow a burger in a laboratory to how many bees it takes to fill an orchard with apples.

We have 10 copies available to win, courtesy of Usborne Publishing.


What Are Germs?

By Emma Carroll
What are germs? How do they spread? And how do medicines help? Curious young children can take a closer look at those mischievous, microscopic bacteria and viruses in this fascinating introduction to germs and hygiene, with 30 flaps to lift and tips on hand-washing and staying healthy.

There are 10 copies up for grabs, courtesy of Usborne Publishing.



By Pip Jones
Your child can learn amazing facts about all your favourite sports, and discover new ones you may not have come across before. This book celebrates the unique talents of sportspeople everywhere, making it a treasure trove for all the family to share.

We have five copies to be won, courtesy of Quarto Books.

Quarto Kids

Human Body series (10 different topics)

By Sally Hewitt
Packed with photographs and diagrams, fascinating facts and activities to complete, this series of books is the perfect hands-on introduction to how the human body works.

We have 20 books to give away, thanks to Quarto Books.

Quarto Kids

Hugo Makes a Change

By Mauro Gatti
Hugo the vampire craves red, juicy meat for every meal! But when his eating habits leave him feeling sluggish and bored, he goes on the prowl for something new... After trying fruits and vegetables for the first time, he discovers the joys of a more balanced diet.

We’ve got five copies of this title for you to win, courtesy of Flying Eye Books.

Flying Eye Books

Professor Astro Cat's Human Body Odyssey

By Dominic Walliman
Are our ears supposed to be a weird shape? Why do we sneeze? What is the point in having skin? The human body is one of the most complicated things in the Universe. Join Professor Astro Cat and the whole gang as they journey through all the wondrous parts of the human body. From head to toe and everywhere in-between, there's nothing left out of this fascinating human body odyssey!

Win one of five copies of this title, courtesy of Flying Eye Books.

Flying Eye Books

We Eat Bananas

By Katie Abey
We Eat Bananas invites children to choose their favourite foods and how they like to eat. This book is packed with animals eating bananas, soup, sandwiches, sausages, ice cream, vegetables, spaghetti and more. For any parent who has ever struggled to get their kids to eat up, this hilarious book is for you! No more fussy eating.

There are five copies of this book up for grabs, courtesy of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc.

Bloomsbury Children’s Books

That Fruit is Mine

By Anuska Allepuz
One day, deep in the jungle, five elephants discover a new tree. Atop the tree there is the most mouth-wateringly delicious fruit any of them had ever seen. “MINE!” each elephant cries. But who will get there first? And will the elephants spot the five tiny mice, planning and plotting, slowly approaching that tip-top branch?

We have five copies of this book to be won, courtesy of Walker Books.

Walker Books

Maisy Grows a Garden

By Lucy Cousins
Digging, planting, weeding, watering … Maisy is getting her garden ready so that wonderful, colourful things can lay their roots. Turn the pages and pull the tabs to make seeds grow. Carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and green beans – yum, yum! Sunflowers and daisies! Look, a wriggling worm and a buzzing bee! Gardening is so much fun with Maisy.

You could win one of five copies of this title, thanks to Walker Books.

Walker Books

Splash, Anna Hibiscus!

By Atinuke
Anna is at the beach and what better way to cool off than by playing in the jumpy, splashy waves? “Come and splash in the waves with me!” shouts Anna Hibiscus. But everyone is much too busy to wave-jump! So, it’s just Anna Hibiscus and the white waves. Anna shouts happily, and soon her happy cheers bring everyone to the water. “Yippeee!” they all shout, jumping in the waves, “Why didn’t you call us?”

There are five copies of this book to be won, thanks to Walker Books.

Walker Books

Handa’s Surprise

By Eileen Browne
Handa is part of the Luo tribe in south-west Kenya. She decides to take seven pieces of delicious fruit to her friend, Akeyo, who lives in the neighbouring village, but as Handa wonders what fruit Akeyo will like best? A series of sneaky animals steal something from Handa's basket, which she's carrying on her head... When Handa reaches Akeyo, will she have anything left to offer her friend?

We have copies of this book to be won, thanks to Walker Books.

Walker Books


By Leslie Patricelli
Ouch. Baby’s mouth feels funny. Something is happening, and it’s not just that a puddle of drool keeps escaping. There it is — a new tooth! And where there’s one, there are soon to be more. From discovering what’s good to bite (and what’s not) to mastering the art of the toothbrush, Baby’s dental adventure is sure to give little teething buddies something to chew on.

You could win one of five copies of this book, thanks to Walker Books.

Walker Books


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