Helping with reading: 7-11

How to encourage your child to read

Read yourself! Show a good example by talking about the reading you do at work and at home. Let your child know that reading is an important part of your life.
Keep books safe. Make your child their own special place to keep their books in their bedroom.
Visit your library – it’s free to join! As well as taking out story books, use visits to the library as a time to find books and CD ROMs about your child’s hobbies and interests.
Make time to read. Set aside a time for reading for the family – after school or before bedtime. Encourage independent reading but don’t be afraid to still tell a bedtime story.
Don’t just read books. Encourage your child to read newspapers, TV guides, comics and magazines. Ask your child to find out information from the Yellow Pages, the Internet, cookery books, etc.
Let your child read with younger children. Encourage them to read to other members of the family.
Keep in touch with school. Make sure your child swaps their home reading books regularly at school and try to make a regular time slot of about 10 minutes to hear them read.
If English is not your family’s first language: You can buy dual language books. You can talk about books and stories in any language.

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