Friendship bracelet

Friendship bracelets are great for children to share with new or existing friends. Creating these bracelets is straightforward and helps fuel their creativity.

You will need:

  • Seven 50cm threads in your child’s favourite colours
  • A small piece of cardboard just bigger than the top of a can
  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • A tin can for making a template


  • Place the tin can on your piece of cardboard and draw around it using a pencil
  • Ask an adult to cut out the disc you have drawn on the cardboard
  • Draw four lines across your disc to create eight equal segments
  • Ask an adult to make a hole in the middle by poking through with the pencil
  • Ask an adult to cut 1cm into each line you drew
  • Take your seven strands of yarn and tie a knot at one end
  • Thread your strands through the hole in the disc
  • Take one strand at a time and slot it through one of the 1 cm strips. You should have seven strands tucked in, with one ‘space slot’
  • Take the third strand to the left of the spare slot, lift it up, pull it across and put it down in the ‘space slot’
  • Rotate your disk so the new ‘space slot’ is facing downwards and repeat the previous step, moving the third strand to the left into the new ‘space slot’
  • Repeat.
  • Your yarn friendship bracelet will begin to ‘grow’ on the other side of the disc, give it a gentle tug every so often.
  • Ask an adult to help you tie it off once it is long enough and get them to fit it onto your wrist.

Struggling to follow along? Check out this instructional video if stuck.

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