Football quiz

Football quiz


This is a selection of 20 football questions which get harder in each group of five. Some questions are about straightforward football, but others are about football reading. You can read about football in newspapers, magazines and books. With many thanks to author Tom Palmer.

1. Which football team plays its home games at Wembley?
2. Where do you usually find football news in a newspaper?
3. Which country has won the World Cup the most times?
4. What is the name of the white dot right in the middle of a football pitch?
5. Which of these is not a popular children’s football magazine?
(a) Match (b) Goal (c) Kick
6. Who was England’s manager at the 2010 World Cup?
7. In what year did England win their first and only World Cup?
8. At which team did Wayne Rooney start his professional football career?
9. Which footballer has ‘written’ the most books?
10. Which team has been in the top English league for longer than any other?
11. What does the title of the magazine called FourFourTwo mean?
12. Which country calls football ‘calcio’?
13. Which footballer’s wife has not written a book?
(a) Beckham (b) Gerrard (c) Rooney
14. Before South Africa, how many World Cups had been played in Africa?
15. What football team does the author of the Foul Play books, Tom Palmer,
Super tough
16. Where was the first ever World Cup held in 1930?
17. Where does the word ‘soccer’ come from?
18. Which was the last team to win the English league before the Premier League
was born?
19. Which African country is featured in Tom Palmer’s book, Off Side?
20. What team does Prince William support?


  1. England
  2. The back page
  3. Brazil
  4. centre spot/li>
  5. (b) Goal
  6. Fabio Capello
  7. 1966
  8. Everton
  9. David Beckham
  10. Arsenal
  11. a team formation
  12. Italy
  13. (b) Gerrard
  14. none
  15. Leeds United
  16. Uruguay in South America
  17. Association Football
  18. Leeds United
  19. Ghana
  20. Aston Villa

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