Easter-related books

These fun Easter related books for kids feature eggs, rabbits, springtime, chocolate and more!

Baby to 3

Fred and the Little Egg Fred and the Little Egg
Julia Rawlinson

Fred wants to hatch an egg. So he sets off to find an egg of his very own. And it isn't long before he finds a teeny weeny brown egg that needs a little bear just like Fred to care for it. But bears don't have eggs, do they? "This bear does!" says Fred proudly. But does he really...? Fred the little bear learns all about nurturing in this humorous story for very young children.

Peppa Pig’s Easter Egg Hunt Peppa Pig’s Easter Egg Hunt

This board storybook featuring Peppa and George is based on the children’s cartoon, Peppa Pig, and might be a good way to encourage young children who are reluctant to engage with books to begin to read, through their familiarity with the characters.
It’s Easter time and Grandpa Pig has organized a special Easter egg hunt. But Peppa Pig and her friends find more than chocolate eggs at the end of the garden!

Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter bunny Duck and Goose: Here Comes the Easter bunny
Tad Hills

Duck & Goose have lots of ideas about how to find the Easter Bunny, but will they succeed? Children will like this latest board book featuring Duck & Goose, lots of colourful eggs, and the Easter Bunny.

Age 3 to 5

The Bunny Who Found Easter The Bunny Who Found Easter
Charlotte Zolotow

In print for almost 40 years, the bunny who found Easter has delighted generations of readers. A lonely bunny goes searching for Easter, where he hopes to find other bunnies. His search takes him through the seasons- but only in the spring does he find the true meaning of Easter. Helen Craig, the illustrator who draws Angelina Ballerina, illustrates this edition, which could encourage children who recognise her style of drawing to read the book.

Scrambled Eggs Super! Scrambled Eggs Super!
Dr Seuss

When it comes to scrambling, Peter T. Hooper isn’t content with just any old egg! He uses something extra special for his super-dee-dooper dishes! Written and illustrated in Dr. Seuss’ inimitable style, full of off-the-wall humour and bizarre creatures, this delightful story tells of a young boy’s outrageous boast about the variety of eggs he puts in his omelettes.

Age 5 to 7

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit The Tale Of Peter Rabbit
Beatrix Potter

At this time of year, children might spot rabbits for the first time for months! This, or just hearing about them, could encourage them to read stories about rabbits or other springtime animals. The Tale of Peter Rabbit was first published by Frederick Warne in 1902 and endures as Beatrix Potter's most popular and well-loved tale. It tells the story of a very mischievous rabbit and the trouble he encounters in Mr McGregor's vegetable garden. Children love the naughty rabbit who is always getting into scrapes and the beautiful but simple illustrations are timeless masterpieces.

Tom and the Dinosaur Egg Tom and the Dinosaur Egg
Ian Beck

One cold morning, while walking on the beach, Tom finds something strange in a tangle of seaweed. He frees it and carries it back to the lighthouse to show to his grandfather. His grandfather realizes it is an egg, but what sort of egg? They decide to keep it warm and see what happens . . . One morning, Tom notices a crack, and much to his surprise, a baby dinosaur emerges from the shell! Tom's egg was a dinosaur egg. Day by day the dinosaur grows bigger and bigger and bigger until he becomes a bit of a problem. What will Tom do? Thrillingly told with exquisite artwork, this book is perfect for dinosaur-mad boys and girls.

Age 7 to 11

Paris in the Spring with Picasso Paris in the Spring with Picasso
Joan Yolleck

Set in spring, this portrait of the artists that made Paris tick in the early 20th century is a perfect introduction to the world of art and literature…and to Paris! This fun and readable illustrated novel could interest children reading it in history and culture, and can teach them an introductory history to some famous artists and writers from the past as well as telling a great story!

Emma the Easter Fairy Emma the Easter Fairy
Daisy Meadows

Emma the Easter Fairy works alongside the Easter Bunny to make sure that this special time of year is a happy and fun-filled time for everyone! But when the pesky goblins steal Emma's magical Easter Eggs, chaos reigns! Can Rachel and Kirsty help Emma to save Easter before it's ruined forever...?

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
C.S. Lewis

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, first published in 1950, is one of the most popular children’s books of all time.

“It’s a magic wardrobe. There’s a wood inside it, and it’s snowing! Come and see,” begged Lucy. Lucy has stumbled upon a marvellous land of fauns and centaurs, nymphs and talking animals. But soon she discovers that it is ruled by the cruel White Witch, and can only be freed by Aslan, the great Lion, and four children… This book relates to Easter through symbols of rebirth, new life, and the end of a long winter. Perhaps children who enjoyed the recent ‘Chronicles of Narnia’ films might be interested in reading this timeless Easter classic

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