Communicating with your baby

Your child is ready to communicate from birth. Their brain is developing rapidly and they will amaze you with how quickly they learn and grow. Here are some milestones in your baby's development to look out for, and some tips too. It is important to remember that all babies are different and your child may develop at a faster or slower rate. If you are worried about your child’s development please speak with your health visitor or GP.


  • Hold your baby about 12 inches away from you. Now, stick out your tongue. Did they try to copy you? Try different mouth movements and expressions.
  • Have fun with nursery rhymes and songs, especially those with actions.
  • When you are talking to your baby stop and give them time to respond.
  • Coos, gurgles and leg and arm movements are their ways of responding.
  • Try talking about what you’re doing throughout the day – when you’re bathing or feeding your baby, or changing her nappy.
  • Remember TLR: Talk, Listen and Respond to your baby. If you can think about doing this five times a day then you will be doing a great job.

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