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Comic books and graphic novels can be an ideal introduction to reading for children who find pages of unbroken text daunting. Visual storytelling can enable children to read and understand concepts that they might find difficult without the help of images and illustrations What’s more, reading comics is lots of fun!

We’ve put together some of our top tips to get your child interested in comics:

  • Explore – the range of comics for children now is so diverse that you can find titles to interest every child. Our book list has lots of different suggestions for children of different ages and covers a whole host of topics.
  • Magazines – If your child might find a whole comic book too daunting to begin with, serialised magazines like The Beano and The Phoenix can be a great introduction to the world of comics. Both magazines are published weekly, and once your child has got to grips with the style of comics, they can explore the genre further.
  • Visit the library – as comics continue to increase in popularity, many libraries now have dedicated comics sections for you and your child to explore – and you can ask your librarian for their recommendations. Many bookshops also have great comic book sections too.
  • Make your own comic strip – Making your own comic is a great way to boost writing and storytelling skills – and we’ve created our own tool to help your child embrace their comic genius.

Judd Winick, acclaimed comic book artist and author of the Hilo series, shares his top tip for engaging children with comics:

“Find one book that your child will fall in love with. You'll be very surprised how a child who doesn't like reading will cling to a comic or a graphic novel. They finish reading it, and they'll read it over again and over again. It’s what's great about a lot of comics and graphic novels is that many of them are serialized. So if they like the first one, there's usually one that follows after that.”

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