Comic books giveaway

In this huge giveaway, we have 31 comic books up for grabs. Covering diverse topics including aliens, the Stone Age, cats and dinosaurs, there’s something to interest children of all ages! Just enter your details below for your chance to win.

Hilda and the Troll

Luke Pearson

Meet Hilda. She can never sit still for long without setting off on another adventure, so why not join her in discovering a magical new universe! Hilda and the Troll is the first comic book in the extremely popular Hilda series.

We have five copies to give away, courtesy of Flying Eye Books.

Flying Eye Books

Hilo Book One: The Boy Who Crashed to Earth and Hilo Book Two: Saving the Whole Wide World

Judd Winick

D.J. and his friend Gina are totally normal kids. But that was before a mysterious boy came crashing down from the sky! Hilo doesn’t know where he came from, or what he’s doing on Earth. Can the three children unlock the secrets of his past?

We have five pairs of books to give away, courtesy of Penguin Random House.

Penguin Random House

The Stone Age

Marcia Williams

Take a journey through history to the Stone Age! Meet the people of Clan Woolly as they learn how to make fire, invent stone tools and hunt mammoths and reindeer! Full of facts, jokes and colourful comic strips, this is the perfect graphic introduction to the Stone Age.

We have five books to give away, courtesy of Walker Books.

Walker Books

Red’s Planet

Eddie Pitman

Red is a quirky, headstrong 10-year-old who longs to live in her own perfect paradise far away from her annoying foster family. But when a UFO mistakenly kidnaps her, Red finds herself farther away than she could have possibly imagined…

We have three books to give away, courtesy of Abrams & Chronicle.

Abrams & Chronicle


Guy Bass and Lee Robinson

Top spy-entists put the mind of a secret agent inside the body of a dinosaur to create the first ever Super Secret Agent Dinosaur. His codename: Spynosaur.

We have five books to give away, courtesy of Little Tiger.

Little Tiger Press

Apocalypse Miaow Miaow

James Proimos

The end is nigh. Apocalypse has dawned. Everyone has gone ... except for a ragtag group of stray cats. With laughs on every page, this brilliant graphic novel is ideal for less enthusiastic readers.

We have three copies to give away, courtesy of Bloomsbury.


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