Family Christmas time

Christmas is a time when we enjoy spending extra moments with our family. It is a great opportunity to spend more time reading, learning and interacting with your children. The activities below are designed to incorporate the festive season into some fun and educational activities. They can be done together, with a group of siblings as a Christmas project during the school break.

A letter to Santa
What gifts are your children dreaming of this year? Your child will have fun writing down a list of the presents they would like this year. They can decorate the page with pictures and stickers and leave it out for Father Christmas on Christmas Eve. They can also make lists for their siblings or relatives and compare and contrast their choices. The more descriptive and colourful the letter, the more chance Father Christmas will take notice!

We have a special Maisy template of a letter to Santa, which you can download and print off here:

Maisy Xmas Activity 4

Christmas Play
Why not encourage your children and their friends and relative to put on a special Christmas performance for a group of adults? Children can work together to think about what they can perform: a Christmas nativity or a live performance of their favourite seasonal book for example. They can also think about who will perform each role and what they will say and do. Once they have spent some time practising together, they can then perform their show for a group of friends and relatives.

Make a Christmas card
Nothing warms the heart more than a hand-made Christmas card. Together with your child you can create a list of people to send cards to, and help them write out cards with festive slogans and sayings. If they are too small, an adult can write out some text for them to copy or they can draw pictures inside. They can also have fun creating the card designs and decorating the envelopes.

Take a look at some Maisy Christmas card templates, which you can download and print off here:

Maisy Xmas Activity 1

Maisy Xmas Activity 2

Thank you letters
Christmas is a time when we have lots of be thankful for. Writing thank you cards and letters is great practice to encourage from a young age. Children can write thank you notes for presents, or even a special card for Granny thanking her for the delicious Christmas cake! These cards can be read out aloud as part of Boxing Day celebrations or perhaps at a meal time.

Christmas Decorations
You can create some great Christmas decorations from a few simple materials such as paper, card, paint and glue. Some ideas include making decorations for the Christmas tree, paper chains, wreaths and festive scenes. Talk to your children about where the decorations could go and what they could look like. Then the rest of the afternoon can be set aside for them to get creative and come up with some original decorations. They even make great keepsakes for adults too – bring them out of the decorations box each year and remember what your children made when they were younger.

To get you started, you can download a ‘Maisy chain’ activity here:

Maisy Xmas Activity 5

Poems, Rhymes and Songs
It’s time for all the Christmas-themed songs and rhymes to be played! Why not teach your children your favourite Christmas song, poem or rhyme? What do you the different words and motifs mean? In return, they can then write and illustrate their own festive poem or song to share with you.

Planning a Christmas walk
While we often look forward to cosy moments inside, don’t forget that Christmas is a great chance to get out and be active! There are lots of fun (and often free!) things you can do with your children this year. You can take a trip to the park and kids can enjoy collecting leaves, spotting wildlife or feeding the ducks. Alternatively, you can plan a trip to see a Christmas lights display or see some brilliant Christmas window displays.

We wish you a very happy Christmas!

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