Milestones - By eleven years

By the age of 11 your child is good at listening and is using language fully in lots of different ways to explain, describe and share. They share ideas and information to help their thinking and learning. They have good friendships which are independent of you.

Hear it, follow it, get it
Your 11 year old can listen for longer and notice HOW things are said. They get sarcasm when it’s obvious, e.g. “My favourite cup, broken, now that was really clever!”

Your child has a sense of humour and gets simple jokes even if they can’t explain why they are funny.

Your 11 year old knows there are different kinds of questions,
e.g. open questions – “Tell me about your day”
closed questions – “Did you have a good day?”
rhetorical questions – “Wasn’t your day great!”

Check it out

Question time – get your child to ask you the same question in different ways, e.g. “What shall we go and see at the cinema?”, open, “Can we go to the cinema?”, closed, “It would be fun to go to the cinema wouldn’t it?” rhetorical.

You’re joking! – share jokes and funny stories with your child.

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Age 7 to 11 milestones

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