Milestones - By four years

Most children of this age go to nursery. Children understand and say lots of words and sentences now. You can see them using their talking to meet new friends or to work out problems. They talk to find out new information by asking lots of questions.

Taking part
Your four year old will be able to take turns as well as be starting to share with adults and other children. He will enjoy playing with other children and start a conversation.

Your child will listen to longer stories and answer questions about a story they have just heard, for example, simple questions such as “Who did Cinderella dance with at the ball?”, “Were Cinderella’s sisters kind?”

Four year olds use talk in different ways. They use it to organise themselves and their play and they like make-believe and dressing up. They start to like simple jokes – though often their own jokes make little sense.

Check it out
  • Does your child like to play and talk with others?

  • Does your child enjoy sharing books with you, especially ones with rhymes?

  • Is your child starting to be able to plan games with others?

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Milestones - Age 3-5

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