Milestones - By five years

By the age of five, almost all children will be in school.  At this stage they need to learn how to listen, understand and share their ideas within the classroom.  They also need to understand words and phrases used in school that they may not have heard at home – such as “line up”, “packed lunch” and “talk to your partner” etc. 


They also still need to have conversations – to share information, to make friends and explain how they are feeling.  They use talk to help work out problems and organise thinking and activities.

Taking part
Your five year old’s attention will be more flexible. Children of this age can understand spoken instructions related to a task without stopping the activity to look at the speaker.  They can focus on and listen to stories when they are sitting with their whole class.  They can pay attention and follow the rules when they are having fun playing board games.   They will choose their own friends.  They will use talk to take on different roles in imaginative play, to interact and negotiate with people and to have longer conversations.

Check it out
  • Talk to your child about what they enjoyed most during the day – these conversations often include different games or activities they play with friends.

  • Does your child enjoy listening to stories, songs and rhymes and start to make up their own?

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Milestones - Age 3-5

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